Base wants to help you end your frustrating health problems

by Joseph K. Clark

This content is made possible by our sponsor; it is not written by and does not necessarily reflect the views of Engadget’s editorial staff. A pandemic has a distinct way of forcing people out of entrenched thought patterns, leading some of us to reprioritize certain aspects of our lives. Your energy level, for example, may be something you noticed back in the halcyon days of 2019 but didn’t keep tabs on. Chalking up low energy to tiring days at work without considering the bigger picture may have been your M.O. With a sharper awareness of how you’re feeling every day, you may notice some frustrating symptoms. Although it is still top of mind, there are other factors to consider for your immediate and long-term health future; a year of lockdown may have adversely affected your physical and mental wellness, from sleep and stress to diet, energy, and even sex drive.

Secondary outcomes on health

Sleep difficulties and increased stress are prime indicators of how people’s well-being took a significant hit over the past year, even if they didn’t personally contract COVID-19. Insomnia accounts increased across all age groups due to the pandemic. This observed spike even led some public health officials to dub this phenomenon “coronasomnia.” That lack of sleep, in turn, led to more stress in people’s lives, fueling a vicious cycle that wore down their physical and mental health.

Maybe you still suffer from a lack of proper rest and are feeling distressed to a concerning degree. You might barely have the energy to take on the day, let alone maintain the sex life you and your partner had before the pandemic. Or perhaps pre-existing struggles you had before the pandemic have become harder to ignore. Either way, there’s a real chance that you no longer feel as good as you once did because of an underlying health complication.

health problems

What is the best way to identify that matter and treat it effectively without a doctor’s visit? Leverage the power of data and science with Base how Base helps you improve your health. A company founded by former Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram engineer Lola Priego offers the complete package for those who want to educate and empower themselves to advance their health. Base provides individuals with convenient, at-home saliva and blood tests. These tests, involving collecting a sample and conducting a finger prick, look into various biomarkers in the hormones, blood levels, and nutrients throughout your body to produce accurate data about your health. This information then gets presented in a guided tracking app a few days later with the results of your tests and a score.

You’ll learn a few specific things you can do to boost your health, and you can participate in challenges to boost your score, representing how you feel based on levels of particular biomarkers throughout your body. The Base goes beyond simple at-home testing by decoding your results, suggesting tangible ways, and tracking your progress a breeze through a companion app. By observing and monitoring your journey, you can find the sustained motivation to enhance your health, whether related to sleep, stress, energy, sex drive, or some combination thereof.

Science also plays a crucial role in Base’s ability to deliver on its promise. That’s why the company looks into data from thousands of clinical trials to provide you with the most up-to-date and practical suggestions on developing a healthier lifestyle based on your test results. It’s also why Base has several doctors and nutritionists on its team to back the insights offered through the companion app as medically sound. Finally, Base only uses labs with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA) certifications. The Base was developed for anyone dealing with frustrating health issues by a team that believes its data, science, and technology can be your new support system. Best of all, anyone can head over to the website today.

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