Best folding phone deals for July 2021

by Joseph K. Clark

Technology has come a long way since flip phones. It’s been quite a while since the last major innovation in mobile devices brought us complete touchscreen devices; now, folding phones are making the next giant leap with displays that seem to belong only in the future. These days, devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the Motorola Razr truly put the years past in perspective. They can be folded to keep them pocket-sized, yet when unfolded, they allow for more screen real estate than most other smartphones on the market.

The folding phone is still pretty new, and because of that, options are limited, and prices are relatively high. Recent non-folding flagship phones have been priced around $1,000 and above. With a folding phone, you can expect to pay at least a few hundred more than that, no matter which device you purchase.

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Recent options like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 have a retail price of up to $2,000, so you’ll want to consider finding a deal before buying a folding phone. Carrier deals can help subsidize the cost or offer low monthly payments to make it a more feasible purchase for everyone, while unlocked deals are out there and can save you hundreds. Below we’ll keep track of all the best deals, carriers, and unlocked so you can get a new device at a discount.

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Best Unlocked Folding Phone Deals

While it’s more common to see great deals on phones from carriers, deals on unlocked devices exist, too — not to mention that purchasing your phone unlocked can save you some trouble and cash in the long run. Carrier deals often mean long-term commitments and monthly bills, too. If you’d rather avoid that and pay for everything upfront, these are the best-unlocked deals available now.

Best Folding Phone Carrier Deals

Carrier deals can be a bit trickier and generally have some stipulations involved. Most of these offers require a commitment between 18 and 36 months (often 24 months). The “savings” also usually come as a promo credit applied to your monthly bill throughout that commitment. That means these deals tend to be a bit more drawn out than those on unlocked devices, though you can save much more over that period. If you’re a long-term thinker, you should feel good about the opportunities for saving here.

Microsoft Surface Duo | Free at AT&T

AT&T has Microsoft’s Surface Duo discounted by up to $700 right now when you trade in an eligible device and choose an Unlimited plan. That means you could get the 128GB model for free, though the offer may not last long.

from $699.99 at Best Buy

Motorola RAZR 5G | Save $50 at Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers $50 off the Motorola RAZR 5G Coast for purchase alongside a 12-month plan. It has plans starting at $15 per month, or you can snag an Unlimited plan for as low as $30 per month! Though the deal isn’t huge on the phone, you’ll probably score better savings just by switching to Mint Mobile.

from $1,349 at Mint Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip | Save $50 at Mint Mobile

Save $50 on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip today at Mint Mobile when you choose a 12-month plan. Mint Mobile offers affordable wireless plans starting at $15 per month, or you can go Unlimited for $30 per month!

from $1,449 at Mint Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G | Save $50 at Mint Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G is now discounted by $50 at Mint Mobile when you purchase it with a 12-month plan. Though the discount isn’t huge, Mint Mobile’s goals are highly affordable and could offer better savings in the long run. Plans start at just $15 per month here.

from $1,399 at Mint Mobile

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G | $33.34/month via AT&T

AT&T currently has the Galaxy Z Flip 5G available for $33.34 per month, or you can buy the device outright for $1,199.99. Only the Mystic Gray colorway is still available at this time.

Shop at AT&T

LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen (AT&T) | Up to $400 off at Best Buy

Though this device doesn’t technically have a foldable screen, it is foldable and comes with a detachable second display for double the screen real estate. Right now, you can save up to $400 off the AT&T model’s regular purchase price when you choose an AT&T installment plan at $10.55 monthly.

from $10.55/month at Best Buy

Which folding phone should I buy?

There are plenty of reasons you might find yourself desiring the latest folding phone, but there are undoubtedly a few drawbacks to consider, with price at the top of the list. If you’re still undecided on whether a folding phone is right for you, this guide takes you through the best foldable phones for a closer look at some of our favorites. We also have a guide dedicated to the history of the folding phone if you’d like to learn more before your purchase.

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