Best Galaxy S21 Plus screen protectors to protect your new phone in 2021

by Joseph K. Clark

Samsung Galaxy S21 is now out in the market. And given its flagship status, it’s no surprise that this phone rocks an appealing design, a fire-breathing processor, and powerful imaging hardware with many camera tricks, among other perks. But one aspect that truly shines on Samsung flagships is their gorgeous display. This time too, it’s no exception with the Galaxy S21+. And did I tell you that it’s flat and not curved? Hallelujah, a shattered screen or one with a hairline crack is never a good sight. And that’s why we recommend slapping a screen protector on it. Convinced yet, but don’t know where to start looking? We got you covered. Please choose from these best Galaxy S21 Plus screen protectors, and thank us later!

technology and glass
    fusion process handling the strength part, ZAGG InvisibleShield GlassFusion VisionGuard also has a layer of blue light filter to reduce their harmful effect.
    Spigen needs no introduction regarding accessories, and the NeoFlex screen protector is no exception. It offers high material clarity, bubble-free application, and a promise of zero screen glare occurrence.

Galaxy S21 Plus

    • The ZAGG InvisibleShield screen protector for the

Galaxy S21

    Plus is among the more affordable protective solutions from the brand. Still, except for a blue light filter, it has the best of everything the brand offers.
    Ranking 9H on the Moh hardness scale, the IVSO is among the most robust screen protectors. This scratch and abrasion-resistant tempered glass also has an oleophobic layer and bundles a camera protector in the package.
    • Alright, you get three screen protectors for less than five dollars.

Need I say

    more? Okay, this one is just 0.1mm thick, has an oleophobic coating, and has an intelligent healing film that can handle minor scratches and bubbles.
    Used it and loved it. If you’re considering it, let me tell you that it has a self-healing coating that automatically removes minor scratches and bubbles. It also ranks high regarding clarity, thinness, and material strength.
Made out of the glass
    with 9H hardness, this protective solution from Letang offers high transparency, a 2.5D edge curve, and smudge resistance. You also get a set of three protective lens films in the bundle.
    • This one is also made out of 9H tempered glass, which is as strong as this class of


    get. It has a fingerprint and dust protection layer, rocks a 3D edge arc, offers high glass clarity, and comes with three equally durable lens protectors.
    One of the most affordable tempered glass screen protectors with an antimicrobial coating on top, the MagGlass offering is highly durable with a 9H hardness rating on Moh’s scale. In my experience, it’s been a terrific choice.
    • Yes, Otterbox makes great protective solutions for your gadgets, and the Alpha Flex tempered glass carries that legacy forward.

This precision-cut screen protector for the Samsung

    flagship offers high clarity and material strength as well.
    • For just around thirteen dollars, you get a bundle of three laser-cut screen protectors with a 9H hardness scale, high transparency, an oleophobic layer, and two

camera lens

    protectors to keep those snappers protected against damage.
    The 3-pack bundle of QHOHQ screen protectors offers a light transmission of 99.99%, a thickness of just 0.15mm, a rounded arc around edges, an oleophobic coating, and lens protection. Now, try and beat that on the value proposition!

That ends our list of the best Galaxy S21 Plus screen protector across various price brackets and feature sets. As for personal picks, I’d naturally want the maximum bucks for my benjamins. And searching with that approach, I would get the IVSO tempered glass screen protector that offers a satisfyingly high 9H hardness output and costs less than fifteen dollars for a pack of six glass sheets. And as a sweet bonus, you also get camera lens protectors in the bundle.

But suppose your priority is the best screen protector found there. Your search should ideally end with the ZAGG InvisibleShield GlassFusion VisionGuard+ Antimicrobial screen protector for the Galaxy S21 Plus. It is highly durable and has benefits such as an antimicrobial coating on top and a blue filter to maximize eye protection as you consume content on the Samsung flagship’s AMOLED display.

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