Best OnePlus 8 screen protectors 2021

by Joseph K. Clark

The OnePlus 8 brings a plethora of high-end specs and features to a smartphone with an excellent price tag. One of the device’s highlights is its 90Hz AMOLED display, meaning you’ll want to do everything possible to protect it. The OnePlus 8 does come with a pre-installed screen protector right out of the box, but if that gets damaged or you want a backup. Here are our top picks for the best OnePlus 8 screen protectors.

All around great:
QITAYO Flexible TPU Film Screen Protector (3-Pack)

Staff Pick

QITAYO’s screen protector is the most similar to what’s pre-installed on the OnePlus 8, as it’s made of a flexible TPU material. The protector is fully compatible with the phone’s in-screen fingerprint sensor, is easy to install, and can even self-repair minor scratches and bubbles in about 24 hours. The best part? You get a pack of three for a competitive price.

$10 at Amazon

No scratches here:
Or zero Edge-to-Edge Screen Protector (3-Pack)

A great alternative to QIYATO’s screen protector is the one from Or Zero. This edge-to-edge protector covers the entire display of the OnePlus 8, ensuring no part of it goes uncovered. A four-layer design provides maximum scratch resistance, and Orzero promises 99% screen clarity to ruin the OnePlus 8’s excellent display. On top of all that, the value proposition here is top-notch.

OnePlus 8

$8 at Amazon

Front and back:
Ibywind Screen and Camera Protector (2-Pack)

In addition to the film protector above, Ibywind has another option up its sleeve that may be a better fit for you. This screen protector is made out of a super thin TPU film that feels smooth to the touch. You also get a protector for the rear camera housing and the back of the phone, giving you another layer of coverage without interfering with image quality.

$11 at Amazon

Full coverage:
COOL PRO Screen Protector Tempered Glass (2-Pack)

For another tempered glass protector, we recommend checking outcomes from COOLPRO. Again, you get a pair of top-notch protectors, making it a good value. There’s a 9H hardness rating to protect against all kinds of scratches. It doesn’t affect touchscreen sensitivity, curved edges allow for increased comfort, and installation is a breeze.

$11 at Amazon

Easy installation:
Tamora Screen Protector with Installation Kit (3-Pack)

Tamora makes screen protectors for just about every significant smartphone out there, including the OnePlus 8. These protectors are made from Tamorias’s fourth-gen TPU film, touting excellent transparency, a super-thin design, and a bubble-free finish. You get an installation kit with clear and concise steps, making it easy to set up. This pack comes with three protectors in the box, making it one of the better values.

$10 at Amazon

Heals itself:
LK Film Screen Protectors (3-Pack)

LK is another company you can count on to create a screen protector for every phone release, and its film protectors are among the best. You get a bundle of three screen protectors in the box, with each one featuring LK’s self-healing tech that automatically removes bubbles and scratches to keep your phone looking as great as possible.

$10 at Amazon

Keep your OnePlus 8 looking great

As mentioned at the top of this article, the OnePlus 8 already has a screen protector installed when you take it out of the box. It’s an excellent protector and one you can probably leave on for a while, but should it start to peel off or get damaged, it’s a good idea to have a backup to replace it with.

We recommend going with the QITAYO Flexible TPU Film Screen Protector (3-Pack). It’s a film protector like the one pre-installed, but we’d argue it’s even better. It has a 99% transparency rating so that it doesn’t make your screen look worse, it covers the entire display, and the self-healing tech is awe-inspiring.

If you’re after a tempered glass protector for better scratch protection, you can’t go wrong with the COOLPRO Screen Protector Tempered Glass (2-Pack). When you factor in the glass construction, case-friendliness, and incredible value, it’s easy to see why this is one of our top recommendations. But, of course, a screen protector will guard your phone’s display but not the rest, so be sure to get the best case for your OnePlus 8. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

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