Considerations When Making a Lift Chair Purchase

by Joseph K. Clark

Acquiring a lift chair is unquestionably a significant investment. To help you find the best chair for your needs, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everything you should consider before acquiring.

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What exactly is a lift chair?

A lift chair is a medical device that resembles a regular reclining chair. With the touch of a button, it can be used straight up or in a reclined stance. The Lift Chair differs because it has a powerful lifting system that can be activated to bend the chair’s base and back forward, aiding the user’s standing.

Instead of manually engaging a lever or switch, a Lift Chair is operated by pressing buttons on the remote control. Lift chairs are mobility aids that help you from standing to sitting and vice versa.

medical supply store will have three kinds of lift chairs obtainable:
  • Standard lift chairs. These chairs operate the same way as outlined above, tilting or reclining to aid with sitting and standing. “Two-position” chairs are another term for standard lift chairs.
  • Lift chairs with three positions. These chairs are more versatile because they can typically recline to almost flat. They’re popular among people who plan to sleep in their chairs or use them for extended periods.
  • Chairs with infinite lifts. Infinite-position chairs have the most versatility; the backrest, headrest, and footrest can be adjusted independently, allowing users to reach optimal comfort.

achieve independence, as the chair’s capabilities enable them to stand or sit without the aid of another individual or use handrails. Therefore, it is a reasonable expense that may fall under NDIS plan coverage.

Reduction of risks

When an individual with mobility issues tries to sit or stand from a regular chair, they risk injuring themselves, which a lift chair assists in avoiding. Furthermore, lift chairs can help home care support staff, friends, and relatives avert injuries that would otherwise occur while allowing a loved one to use a traditional chair.


Most lift chairs have padded seats and armrests, making them highly comfortable. Lift chairs are one of the comfiest seats on the marketplace today.

Relief from pain

Chairs that can recline or tilt into a range of positions can alleviate any pain you might be experiencing while sitting in a regular chair. A few lift chairs help change the part of the head and footrests, allowing you to find the most comfortable place.


Persons suffering from postural hypertension may benefit from lift chairs because they can gradually and gently stand upright. By assisting in treating hypertension, the user is less prone to undergo trips and falls, which can occur due to their condition.

plan on using the chair for a brief period; longer durations will benefit from three-position or infinite chairs. Look into Soteria lift chairs and consider how much time you will devote to the chair when deciding which option is best for you.


If you want to get the most out of your chair, ensure it can give you the support you need. If you have swollen legs, you’ll want to ensure the chair you pick can quickly assist you in achieving the advantageous Trendelenburg position.

Upkeep the fabric

Because lift chairs are frequently used, fabric maintenance should be considered when purchasing your chair. Leather, for instance, is easy to clean, and numerous lift chairs are made of stain-resistant fabrics.

Colors of the fabric

Because a lift chair is both a medical device and a piece of furniture, selecting a color and pattern that complements your style is critical. It’s advantageous to consider color and structure possibilities regarding your decorations to be sure you’ll find a chair that blends in seamlessly.


Pick a chair you already know you love, measure it, and use it as a guideline when purchasing your lift chair if possible. Because lift chairs come in various sizes, it’s essential to consider the dimensions of any chair you’re considering and make sure they’re suitable for your height and build. If the chair is too big or too small, it may not assist you in standing and changing positions.


The way to sustain one’s independence is a crucial aspect of one’s overall quality of life. Therefore, if you want a lift chair that suits your preferences, follow the abovementioned factors.

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