Gummy Smile – Causes and Its Treatment

by Joseph K. Clark

A beautiful smile displays your confidence and your pearly whites. That may not be the case for some. If you feel that your gums overshadow your teeth when you smile, you could have an excessive gingival display or a gummy smile. Excessive gum display might make you conscious of your smile. This may hurt your self-confidence.

An appealing smile is often about how your smile is in harmony with your overall face and not just predefined dimensions of the gums and teeth. Generally, in an ideal smile upper lip covers the gums, only exposing up to 2mm of the gum. A gummy smile exposes more significant gum tissue creating disharmony of overall facial features.

A gummy smile can be effectively treated. Treatment of excessive gingival display involves understanding the causes and treating the same. Dentists in Preston dental clinic can examine your teeth and suggest an appropriate treatment. Specific reasons for Gummy Smile and its treatments are mentioned here:

What Are the Causes of a Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile or excessive gum display in the upper jaw could be caused by abnormal teeth growth giving the teeth a small appearance. The second reason for a gummy smile could be Hyper or excessive mobility of the upper jaw. This causes the upper lip to rise, exposing gum tissue when you smile. The third reason is the faulty growth and development of jawbones.

Gummy Smile

How is Gummy Smile Treated?

A gummy smile is considered unattractive and may dent your confidence and self-esteem. A great smile should reveal less gum tissue as possible; the gum tissue visible should have a precise contour and look balanced. However, a gummy smile could also cause severe concerns like uncomfortable or improper bites affecting long-term oral health.

To treat a gummy smile, consult your dentist. They will examine your mouth, teeth, and gums and assess the extent of the problem and its causes. A specialist like a periodontist, orthodontist, or surgeon must be consulted depending on the clinical condition.

The various treatments for gummy lips are

  • Laser Treatment —a single-session treatment for minor cases.
  • Lip Repositioning — a surgical treatment to correct the elevator pull muscles.
  • Braces — suitably repositioning the teeth using props.
  • Surgical Sculpting — gingival tissues and bones are corrected to create attractive gum contours.
  • Botox Treatment — This treatment is used to relax the hyperactive upper lip.
  • Porcelain Veneers — This treatment gives the teeth an elongated look.


If your gummy smile makes you conscious and prevents you from smiling, you are not alone; close to 15 percent of people face similar issues. Fortunately, there is a treatment for the same. A consultation with your dentist will not only let you know the exact nature of your problem, the dentist will suggest a proper remedy to put a smile on your face.

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