How do you attach AirTags?

by Joseph K. Clark

AirTag – the once seemingly mythical object tracker from Apple – is finally a reality, and they are Apple-ish as it gets. They lack support for non-Apple devices. Their best feature is reserved for the latest iPhones only. They will make you spend extra cash on accessories. And they rock a signature design. You know, the usual Apple affair! In case you’ve been planning to get the Apple object tracker, but wondering how they are attached, here’s a little how-to for you:

The airbags are disc-shaped, with a metallic disc on the front surrounded by a plastic frame that wraps around the entire rear side. There’s a coin-shaped battery inside, which is said to last a year and is user-replaceable. There’s also a U1 chip inside for quick pairing with iPhones that also come fitted with one. Yep, you heard that right! Now, coming to the main question….



Let me drop the bad news first. There is no built-in key ring loop. You know, the little cutout that allows you to attach a keychain or a fabric loop for hanging it with objects like your tote bag, the obscenely heavy bunch of keys, or your overweight pet. To give you a clear idea, here’s the nifty little keychain hole on the Samsung Galaxy SmartTags and Tile’s object tracker:

AirTags lack a keychain hole, and it’s a travesty!

Returning to the Apple AirTag, you’re out of luck. Also, don’t even think about drilling one yourself, as it would ruin the device. Trust me, self-engineering with a tech gadget almost always results in a catastrophic – and expensive – failure. So, how do you go about attaching AirTags to everyday objects? You spend extra cash on keychain accessories.

So, what are your options?

Let’s start with the more value-for-money approach. First up is the Belkin Secure Holder with a key ring that costs $12.95. It has a solid twist-n-lock design to keep the airbag safe. The build is scratch-resistant, and if you’re particular about your colors, you can choose between black, white, blue, and pink. Belkin also offers a variant that substitutes the metallic keychain ring with a fabric strap for easily attaching the AirTag to thick handles like those on a briefcase or a stroller.

However, if you prefer Apple’s accessories, you can choose between the AirTag Leather Key Ring, which costs $35, and the airbag Leather Loop, which is priced at $39. However, a silicone version of the loop design costs less than $29.

If you taste high fashion and fancy accessories, there are AirTag accessories from Hermes. The cheapest is the Hermes Bag Charm, which costs $299; the Hermes Key Ring will set you back by $349, while the Hermes Luggage costs an obscene $449.

However, if you want to save some cash, head to retailers like Amazon, where you can find high-quality options that cost a lot less. Check out this Cryrill AirTag Leather Case with Key Ring, the Caseology Vault Case for AirTags with a cool matte black finish, and the Counlisha Silicone Case made out of glow-in-the-dark material.

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