How durable is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

by Joseph K. Clark

Announced at Galaxy Unpacked on August 11th, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 brought several first-ever features for the foldable line of devices, most concerning the device’s build. But durability with folding phones has always been a question, so has Samsung made any headway with this generation? This article will help you learn more about their advancements with the third generation of the Fold Series.

Water Resistance for Galaxy Z Fold 3

Except for the folding mechanism and increased focus on productivity, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 brings it’s a smartphone. And one thing we’ve been used to in the premium segment is water resistance, which has been famously missing from the developing form factor.

But this year, Samsung has verified the device with IPX8 water resistance. Und water. The rating says it’s now possible to submerge the phone in freshwater for up to 30 minutes, although the OEM still recommends keeping it away from a beach or a pool — possibly due to the missing dust  Meaning the Z Fold, three is now safe. For use around water in some scenarios. Resistance.

Better Build Materials

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Apart from the added water resistance, the phone now also features a more compact design that uses better materials, headlined by an aluminum frame that Samsung calls Armor Aluminum. It says it’s the most challenging aluminum ever used on a Galaxy phone and is 10 percent stronger than previous generations.

Covering the front display and back is Gorilla Glass Victus. The inner folding screen now has a new protective film that feels better to touch and works with an improved display layer design, leading to 80 percent more durability.

I got a chance to use the Z Fold 3 in a local store, and I can say it does feel better than the last generation. The improvements also help facilitate using an S Pen, which might be a welcome addition for many.

If you have doubts about the folding mechanism and its hinge, Samsung’s iterative bristle upgrades will try its best to keep dust out. Verification by Bureau Veritas states the device can withstand folding 200,000 times.

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