Instagram is ditching ‘swipe-up’ links in favor of stickers – TechCrunch

by Joseph K. Clark

Instagram is ditching the “swipe-up” link in Instagram Stories starting on August 30. The popular feature has historically allowed businesses and high-profile creators to direct their Story’s viewers to a website where they could learn more about a product, read an article, sign-up for a service, or do anything the creator wanted to promote. In place of the “swipe up” call-to-action, Instagram users who previously had access to the feature will instead be able to use the new Link Sticker, the company says.

The company said this sticker had been in testing starting in June with a small handful of users. But on August 30, it will begin to roll out more broadly. App researcher Jane Manchun Wong first noticed the announcement, which warned creators of the plan to shut down swipe-up links.

IG said the swipe-up links would go away starting from August 30 and that I should use the “link sticker, but I searched my Stories Sticker sheet, and I do not see the link sticker at all (not rolled out to me).

Does that mean I’ll lose the ability to add links to my Stories?

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) August 23, 2021

Instagram says it will begin to convert those who currently have access to the swipe-up link to the Link Sticker starting on August 30, 2021. This will include businesses and creators who are either verified or have met the threshold for follower count. (While Instagram doesn’t publicly comment on this count, it’s widely reported to be at least 10,000 followers.) The new Link Sticker has key advantages over the older “swipe-up” link. For starters, it offers greater creator control over their Stories.


Like polls, questions, and location stickers, the Link Sticker lets creators toggle between different styles, resize the sticker, and place it anywhere on the Story for maximum engagement. In addition, viewers will now react and reply to posts with the Link Sticker attached, just like any other Story. Before that sort of feedback wasn’t possible on posts with the swipe-up link, Instagram noted.

The shift to the Link Sticker is the first step in broadening access to link sharing in Stories if Instagram chooses to go that route. While there isn’t a change to who will gain access to the Link Sticker, Instagram says it’s evaluating whether or not to expand link access to more accounts in the future. However, the decision to expand access has to be made carefully, as it could impact the app’s integrity and safety. For instance, if bad actors adopted Link Sticker, it could be used to spread misinformation or post spam.

Moving away from a gesture to a sticker is more in line with Instagram’s current creative director, where interactive features are added to posts in the form of stickers. The new Link Sticker will join others in the app, including stickers for donations, music, and polls.

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