Marvel Future Revolution for Android: Tips and tricks for beginners

by Joseph K. Clark

Marvel Future Revolution is a surprisingly feature-rich open-world RPG that stars the luminaries of the Marvel universe. Players can select from a group of famous superheroes and take on several of the biggest villains to protect multiple converged worlds. It has a forgiving learning curve, so most parts of the game should be easy to understand.

You should know a few things if you’re starting — something I wish I’d known when I began playing the game. So here are some helpful tips to remember when creating the game for the first time.

Dodge, dodge, dodge some more

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The dodge button is a relatively small one underneath the attacks, but it’s essential, and you should get cozy with it as quickly as possible. Most heroes can tank attacks reasonably well in the game’s early stages, so it’s straightforward to forget how to dodge. I recommend you practice using it even when fighting relatively easy enemies.


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In a similar tip, if you have the option to make your character fly, I recommend doing that as often as possible. It’s not only a faster mode of getting around the map; it’s just more fun. If you’re playing Spider-Man, you might need to practice doing some web swings as it takes some getting used to, especially since you can’t use an excellent mobile controller with the game.

Equip all equipable

Future Revolution has multiple equipable items, including costume pieces, Omega cards, and battle badges. They sound confusing, but they all do the same thing: buff your various stats. You’ll only get a few to start with but equip them as soon as you do, as they all have noticeable benefits.

You’ll get better versions of each piece of equipment as you get more. Luckily, the game has this little headache-saving feature that’ll indicate with an (admittedly hard to see) red dot when one of your battle badges can be swapped out for a better one. I don’t think this is the case with Omega cards, but it’ll still help you track whether you’re due for some new equipment.

Do the story missions first.

The primary story mission and the side content can provide many resources that become scarcer the higher level you are. Or, to be more specific, your leveling abilities require more resources, and the number of resources in the game doesn’t scale to match. So do you do the PvE main, side, and collectible missions before you try to leap into the PvP?

Spend the resources to level up skills, but don’t blow them entirely, as you’ll need more as you level up. If you do, the game’s later missions can be a grind. It’s also helpful for leveling up the characters, which gets you even more bonuses.

Level up all of your characters.

If you have one favorite character and they’re the lead hero in your squad, it’s straightforward to sink all of your time into that particular hero and neglect everyone else on the team. However, your Squad Rank, the collective level of everyone on the team, offers bonuses. It’s just helpful to switch out and play your other characters sometimes.

This is also why it’s essential to pick characters you play well with, as you can’t remove characters once they’re on your squad (at least, not without spending some real money). Even if you like Storm, she won’t do you any good if you never play her and level her up. It’s best to pick the characters you enjoy playing — because you should be playing all of them as often as possible.

Switch servers if you don’t like the characters.

Marvel Future Revolution has eight characters and only four starting slots. While the prologue mission is designed to get players familiar with all the characters so that they can decide who to add to their squad, it’s possible to stack your team with characters whose skills you don’t enjoy. You can’t remove characters from your team, so if you want to start with a new squad, jump onto another server, and you can start over.

To do that, restart the game, and you’ll be booted to the server screen. Find another server in your region and tap on it, and you’ll be put through the opening mission again, and you can set up an entirely new squad. It’s helpful if you need to start over.

Marvel Future Revolution is now available on Android and iOS. Do you have any other tips for new players of Marvel Future Revolution? Let us know in the comments.

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