What Are the Best NBN Plans for Renters?

by Joseph K. Clark

Even when you are renting, you still need to have the essentials in your home, such as water, electricity, and in this modern day and age, an internet connection. When it comes to the latter, you may need to change providers occasionally, particularly when you need to move to another place or, eventually, when you buy your own home. This article lists some of the best NBN plans for renters from the most reliable providers.

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What you need to look for

When you are renting, there are three essential things that you need to consider in your search for the best NBN plan. One is that the plan should have a short-term or no contract at all. In parallel, the NBN plan you go for should also be without line rental. Looking for an NBN plan with low or no setup fees would be best. Fortunately, you can find various providers offering these types of projects. You must compare the prices between different providers to ensure you get the best deal.

Tangerine – XL Speed Boost

Tangerine offers a one-month contract plan under the Standard Plus speed tier. This is considered one of the best NBN plans for renters because you won’t have to be tied down with a long-term plan. For $54.90 a month, you will already enjoy a typical evening speed of 42MBps. This plan also comes with a 4G 30GB mobile backup. The best part is that this plan offers unlimited data, so you don’t have to carefully monitor your data usage each time you stream or play online.

Kogan – Silver Unlimited

Another great plan to consider if you are renting is Kogan’s Silver Unlimited plan. Like with Tangerine’s XL Speed Boost, this plan from Kogan is a month-to-month contract, which allows you to leave anytime you wish. It is also in the Standard Plus speed tier, meaning you enjoy a typical evening speed of 46Mbps. It also comes with a BYO modem, but the only drawback is that you have to pay a bit more, amounting to $63.90 a month.

TPG – NBN50 SL Bundle

Finally, you can consider TPG’s NBN50 SL Bundle, a month-to-month contract plan. Under the Standard Plus speed tier, it has a typical evening speed of 48Mbps. However, you need to pay $74.99 for this plan monthly, which may be more expensive at first glance but may be traded off with a zero setup fee.

The Bottom Line

You may want to go for an NBN plan with no lock-in period when renting. This way, you will be flexible and free to cut the plan anytime because it is time to move out. Perhaps the only thing you need to remember is that a no-contract plan may be more expensive than a plan with a lock-in period. Ultimately, you may want to balance the price you must pay with your need for flexibility.

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