Best keyboard cases for the 11-inch iPad Pro in 2021

by Joseph K. Clark

The new 11-inch iPad Pro is here, bringing plenty of upgrades over the previous generation device. While it doesn’t have a MiniLED display like the 12.9-inch variant, the latest 11-inch iPad Pro is jam-packed with features. It’s powered by the same silicon that runs the MacBook Pro – Apple M1 –, and now supports 5G, a Thunderbolt port, and more. It has an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU with next-generation Neural Engine and 16 gigs of RAM. If you plan to buy one or upgrade to the latest one, you might want to get a keyboard case to be more productive. We’ve compiled a list of the best keyboard cases for the iPad Pro 11-inch.

    • The

Magic Keyboard

    • is the perfect companion for the new M1 iPad Pro. It features the best typing

experience on iPad

  • iPad Pro
      and a trackpad that opens up new ways to work with iPadOS. To navigate the

iPad Pro

    • even faster, use all the multi-touch gesture controls you already love, like swipe, pinch, and scroll. Forget about cramped on-screen typing — now you can type quickly and accurately in comfort with a familiar laptop-like premium keyboard. Removable Wireless

Bluetooth keyboard

    • with magnetic that transforms your iPad into a high-performing and easy-to-use laptop. This keyboard

case provides multiple slots to set

    • up horizontal stand angles for watching movies or typing.

This backlit tablet holder has laptop-like well-spaced keys, shortcut keys, and a built-in touchpad for enhanced control and comfort of use.

There are several third-party cases for the M1 iPad Pro, and there’ll be many more in the market in the coming weeks. If you’re looking for the perfect chance with no-question functionality and fit, we recommend you go with the official Apple Magic Keyboard case for the iPad Pro 11-inch. A trackpad opens up new ways to work with iPadOS, a USB-C port for charging, backlit keys, and front and back protection.

If you’re not willing to spend much on a case, we recommend you go with the Logitech Folio Touch case for the iPad Pro 11-inch. It comes with backlit keys that automatically adjust to your environment’s lighting. If you need more or less light, the brightness levels are adjustable. A large, well-spaced keyboard contains a whole row of iPadOS shortcut keys that let you type comfortably with speed and accuracy. Plus, you get an adjustable kickstand with a 40° range of angles. It’s one of the best third-party keyboard cases for the iPad Pro 11-inch.

Are you wondering if you should upgrade from your previous generation’s 11-inch iPad Pro? Here are all the differences and how the 2020 iPad Pro compares with the latest M1 11-inch iPad Pro.

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