Sourcing Custom Sportswear in Australia: An Easy Breezy Guide

by Joseph K. Clark

Into sports? Staying active? Giving 110% in fostering team spirit? If you’re here, you want to attend any game, workout, or event already looking like a winner. And nothing spells “Game on, mate” more than personalized gym gear or matching uniforms for the entire squad. So, you’re hunting for quality custom sportswear in Australia, and let us guess – you don’t know where to start. Fret not; we’re here to help.

This basic guide to sourcing high-quality print-on-demand sportswear should prepare you for an instant. You’re already a champ! Let’s make sure you look at the part.

The Print Bar: Your #1 go-to for custom sportswear in Australia

First things first! Have you settled on a supplier? You’ll find plenty of choices online, depending on your area. But when it comes to custom activewear, where your design will have to be matched with specific cloth cuts and breathable fabric that lets you move easily, you’re better off selecting a trusted brand that has been in the business of printing on textiles for years.

Enter The Print Bar, Australia’s go-to for screen printing, digital printing, manufacturing of promotional items, and even custom embroidery. Our mantra at The Print Bar is to “Say something on something,” – which is exactly what we’ve been helping people with since 2011 with our wide variety of custom printing services. Regarding creativity, the sky’s the limit: Your design is The Print Bar’s command. You envision the dream, and we make it a reality.


Custom gym wear ready for pick-up within the same day? No problem. Custom basketball uniforms with your team’s logo, front and back? We’ll even take it up a notch and use responsibly sourced garments your crew will be proud to flaunt.

With headquarters in Melbourne and Brisbane, The Print Bar offers express delivery of custom sportswear within Australia. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about logistics. We love that you’re supporting a local business, so we’d gladly return the favor to fellow Aussies.

Narrowing down your vision of ideal custom activewear

So, can we agree that you have your supplier of choice pinned down? It’s time we narrow down your vision of personalized activewear. That way, it’ll be easier for The Print Bar to help finetune the look you’re going for, whether for sports or athleisure. We find that asking the following questions helps streamline the production process:

  • Are you rushing to receive your customized orders, or do we have leeway to work with?
  • Looking for tops, bottoms, or both (as a set)?
  • Are you ordering one to a few pieces or in bulk?
  • What kind of fabric would you like to work with? (e.g., moisture-wicking, airy, and light for keeping you cool throughout your next sweat sesh)
  • Any particular style of the garment – say, sleeveless, collared, or for kids?
  • What colors would complement the design or logo you have in mind?
  • How would you like your design to appear on the fabric: printed or embroidered? Here’s the difference between screen printing and digital printing for good measure.

If this is your first time sourcing custom sportswear in Australia, we know the questions above might be overwhelming. But certainly, they’re necessary. Take your time mulling these factors over; because these are the exact details, The Print Lab asks with each order.

If you find yourself quite undecided, browse our customizable sportswear product listings, FAQs, and articles on graphic design. And don’t be ashamed if you find yourself scrolling through our website for design inspiration. That’s exactly what The Print Lab blog is for!

Get custom sportswear in Australia in 4 easy steps

Hooray — you’re almost there! Now comes the fun part. All that’s left to do is place your order in four easy steps on The Print Bar website:

  • First, create an account on The Print Bar. Trust us; this makes things much easier for saving and editing your designs. Plus, we’re certain you’ll be back for more custom items and clothing, so having an account on The Print Bar makes each transaction smoother. You’ll have access to your order history, too.
  • Second, pick a garment. The Print Bar has an extensive garment selection. Think personal activewear and even custom team sportswear. We don’t want to go all technical on fabric specifications; that’s for another guide. But a few things you might want to consider are GSM or Grams Per Square Metre, style, neckline, and other cool features of your chosen cloth, such as anti-shrink, anti-fade, cotton-feel, and even quick-dry.
  • Third, get your creative juices flowing. It’s time to finalize your design! For this stage, you can upload your design or make one from scratch via the Online Editor. Once you’ve selected a garment, The Print Bar’s Online Editor should appear on your screen. Speaking of things popping up, don’t be too quick to exit pop-up windows on The Print Bar. Want a walk-through of The Print Bar Online Editor? They’re meant to guide you through the nitty gritty of ordering custom sportswear in Australia so that you make informed choices from fabric choice and design to packing and shipping. Read, read, read! Watch this video or read this article.
  • Checkout! The fourth and the last step’s certainly familiar and simple. Once the order is checked out and officially placed, The Print Bar will start printing, packing, and shipping your order. Make sure to review your order details before logging out of your account.

There you have it – easy peasy. At The Print Lab, we understand the need to look good. With the endorphins your next workout will bring, plus your new custom threads, we’re sure you’ll feel damn good, too. You deserve it. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @ThePrintBar when you flex your custom activewear online. We’d love to see you and your team work it!

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