SD Times news digest: GoLand 2021.2 reaches beta, Pluralsight completes acquisition of A Cloud Guru, Contrast Security partners with Secure Code Warrior

by Joseph K. Clark

According to JetBrains, the focus behind GoLand 2021.2 was to add new features for Go modules, the company behind the solution. The latest version includes a new option for formatting, support for Go 1.17 features, and support for generics in ‘.go’ files. Previously, when ‘go. Mod’ files were edited, and GoLand would automatically run go list commands after every modification, a behavior which can now be controlled. There are also some UI improvements, such as a better view of attached projects.   This is also the last build in the Early Access Program that doesn’t require a subscription. Additional details are available here. 

Pluralsight completes acquisition of A Cloud Guru.

Pluralsight announced that it closed the acquisition of A Cloud Guru, a cloud skills development platform. “Technology alone won’t transform businesses. A continuous flow of new skills, creativity, and innovation will. Since its inception, A Cloud Guru has empowered enterprises to unleash the cloud’s full potential by aligning talent, technology, and vision,” said Sam Kroonenburg, the co-founder and CEO of A Cloud Guru. “Together, Pluralsight and ACG will chart an accelerated path to success at every stage of cloud maturity while driving cloud adoption and innovation within corporations.” A Cloud guru’s certification courses, hands-on labs, sandboxes, exams, and quizzes will be combined with the existing cloud courses from Pluralsight Skills. 

Contrast Security partners with Secure Code Warrior.

Contrast Security announced its integration with Secure Code Warrior, which will help deliver just-in-time security contextual micro-learning modules. Contrast’s Security Trace format shows phere a vulnerability appears in the code, while the integration provides small videos and interactive contextual specific to that code. 

Security partners

 “We need developers to be security-aware, not security experts and education and automation are at the foundation for DevSecOps transformation. Just-in-time training within the Contrast platform is immensely more effective — and efficient — than traditional security classroom training that is theoretical rather than practical,” said Nikesh Shah, the senior director of strategic alliances at Contrast Security.

Google facing antitrust claims over Play Store Fees

Google is facing antitrust lawsuits from a group of 37 attorneys general, who accuse the company of forcing consumers into in-app payments that Google gets a significant cut-off. This is the second large lawsuit against Google in six months

“Through its illegal conduct, the company has ensured that hundreds of millions of Android users turn to Google, and only Google, for the millions of applications they may choose to download to their phones and tablets,” New York Attorney General Letitia James said in a press release. “Worse yet, Google is squeezing the lifeblood out of millions of small businesses that are only seeking to compete.”

Apple has faced similar scrutiny for its practices with the App Store, which resulted in the case between Apple and Epic Games over whether Epic Games could bypass Apple’s fees by accepting mobile payments outside the App Store.

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